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Adoptable Animals  

Many people wonder how our adoption process works. All of our adoptable dogs are listed here as well as on Petfinder.  If you see a dog you think you might like to meet please give us a call at 970-349-5047 or email  Next, we can set up an appointment for you to meet your potential new pet. Oh Be Dogful is a very busy place and we want to be able to help and give the time you need for this meeting, so please be sure to schedule any appointments ahead of time.  After you meet a foster animal and decide you might want to adopt, you can then fill out an adoption application.  From there you can take the animal on a trial to make sure they work for all family members, 2 and 4 legged alike. If the fit is just perfect, we will have you return to sign their adoption contract to make it official. Adoption fees are $100 for dogs, $50 for cats and $150 for puppies.


heeler mix 1 year old neutered dog friendly annoying to cats


Pitbull Mix Neutered Young Adult Dog Friendly


Pitbull/Shep Mix Neutered Young Adult Dog Friendly

Momma Ava

Pitbull/Pointer Mix Adult Spayed Brown and White Dog Friendly


Great Pyrenees/Heeler Adult Neutered Liver Dog Friendly


Border Collie/Pit Bull Mix Young Adult Neutered Brown/White Dog Friendly


Mastiff/Lab Adult Neutered Grey/Brindle Dog Friendly


Pitbull Mix Adult Neutered Black/White Dog Friendly Shy


Mastiff Senior Spayed Tan Dog Friendly

Arti & Pablo

Shepard Mix/Chihuahua Mix Adult Neutered Tan and Black Bonded Pair (must be adopted together) Dog Friendly

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